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Friends Only

Hated to do it, but I had to.
The only thing that isn't friends locked is my tables of writing. Everything else will be. So if you want to read some of my fiction that I only post here, if you want to know about my personal life, or anything else just comment. Note that I'm a comment whore. Also note, when I have the day off I tend to spam with my fictions, but I try not to post THAT many.

That's it from me, thanks for stopping by!

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Of course! Now do bear in mind I do spam a little...lol. Hope don't mind!
Hey! It's your remus from HIL. Add me?
Of course! You've been added! lol
Heya. It's Heather from HiL. Want to add me? Come on, you know you want to =D

*tempts with chocolate*
Yeah, surely will add you dear! *grins*
I too am a comment whore and I am here because well, you comment on my fic which makes me incredibly happy and I wanted to say thank you.
So Thanks,
-usually I am somewhat more coherent but it's just past two am-
No worries! I understand...*grins*

You are very welcome! When I read something that is well written I try my best to comment, and make sure that the author knows they are doing a good job.

I'm still in love with your Sirius drabble, then again I love Sirius a little too much...lol.

Do you mind if I add you?
I was wondering where you had got off to! Sure I'll go add you now! *Grins*
Add me?
Of course! *grins*
Why I have not added you yet is beyond me. I'm rectifying this status like...oh, now. <3
I have no idea why I haven't done the same really. I suppose we could just blame it on both of us being busy? Yeah, I think that'd work.
Your icon is the sex.
First of all, friend me!! It's Narcissa from scarofconquest. Secondly, for your Wyr RPG, you should have a list of taken chars. ^^ Unless I am dumb and missed said list??
Will do! *grins* Yeah, there is one it's located here. It's not on the main page yet, we're still working the bugs out...*nods*.
It's me!! add me add me!!
Hiii *prods* remember me?

*hasn't been on livejournal for about a year, and has just her friday even re-reading old HiL threads.*
boo! *cough* *chases pups around in head*