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House - OMG You're Dating Me

Dearest Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for taking the time to sit down and write a piece of fiction for me. I truly appreciate the hard work that you'll put into it and I'm super excited to read it. So here are my requests, in order of which I requested. Some are a little vague and others are a bit out there. I'm honestly happy with whatever rating you are comfortable writing, gen rocks my socks just as much as mature fiction. It is all up to your comfort level, so feel free to let your creative juices flow.

1. Country Music RPF [Carrie Underwood]

Honestly, I just love Carrie and anything with her would be much loved and appreciated.

Although, I do have some ideas. How's she adjusting to life as a newlywed? With the strain of him being a professional athlete and her being so busy how is she coping?

What was life for her like pre-American Idol? Was there any point and time that she thought she couldn't do this?

Really? I'm happy with anything involving Carrie. I just adore her that much. So if none of those suggestions above work for you? Then I'm all for seeing something different!

2. Lonesome Dove: The Series [Augustus "Gus" McCrae, Woodrow F. Call]

I have a couple of ideas, some a little far fetched but hey, yuletide author you can choose to write whichever one your heart desires and I'll be as content as a bug in a rug. 1. AU - Gus and Call battling zombies! I don't care if the zombies in question are cows just something dealing with zombies. I'd love to hear their banter back and forth as they slay the undead. 2. I'd love something around the time frame of Comanche Moon. I'm not picky on what exactly happens, but some Gus/Call would be loved. 3. Something pre-Ranger days, when the boys are younger. Not picky, yet again on what happens I just would love a peek into what they were like as teens.

Ha, I know that my first suggestion is a little wonky. It was a joke between myself and a friend who were joking around about what if Call and Gus had to face zombie cows. So, since then, I had to throw my silly little request in for that.

3. Hairspray (2007) [Penny Pingleton, Tracy Turnblad, Amber Von Tussle, Link Larkin]

A few little questions to hopefully kick start creative flow. The rest, dear Yuletide author is up to you.

What really happened after the integration? Did Amber's fall from grace, or previous actions have any consequence? Where did Tracy and Link's relationship go once everything was said and done? Future fic with the characters would also be ace.

I sincerely love the dynamic between Link and Tracy. Out of all the characters, they are my favorite (besides Corny and Maybelle). Out of the questions I posed, I'm most interested in seeing where Link and Tracy's relationship went after the Miss Teen Hairspray competition.

4. Misery - Stephen King [Paul Sheldon, Annie Wilkes]

Annie's dependency on Paul's writing always fascinated me. I know we see the story from Paul's point of view, but I'd like to see a scene from Annie's. I want to know what makes her tick.

Seriously, a peek inside the mind of this delightfully disturbed woman would make my yuletide. Annie has always intrigued me, and to just to have an insight to how she ticks/works would be great.