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Hurley - Dude...

Wait for it

So yesterday was just plain fucked up. I got yelled at by customers, seriously I did, and while I tried really hard to keep my cool I ended up raising my voice because they wouldn't listen to me. Actually, it was the guy that was with the chick that wouldn't listen to me, but fuck him. He needed to take a chill pill, yo.

Then I got asked to be in a documentary about Western North Carolina. All because they couldn't believe there was a sex shop in Murphy. *giggles* That was one of the good things about yesterday. I actually got to live out a dream of mine about being in a documentary, which is awesomeness.

Boyfriend is being an ass, and about to be dumped. *sighs* I don't want to think about it.

I'm absolutely giddy about the fact, however, that Fury's story will be out in December. That makes me uber happy and upon reading the exert last night I just was on cloud nine.

So that's the short of it. I might write more about the documentary later, just because.

I will get to my replies today because I fail and was having a really emotional night last night. God, I haven't cried so much in like forever. Anyways, that is all. Let's go get ready for work!


I cant wait to hear more about the documentary. lol!

Tell that boy to be good!