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BT - King - Bring U Down


This past weekend was shit, as per usual. I called into work on Saturday. Yeah, I called in. First time in AGES I've actually called into work sick. I have/had some stupid stomach thingy that the kids and step-dad had earlier last week. I'm still trying to get over it, God knows I don't want it anymore.

I've taken a lot of shit from my family. God knows I love them, but liking them? Well, that's getting harder to do.

They've been on me for the last four years to go back to college, and when I finally do I get bitched at for actually going back to school. Funny right?

I didn't get enough money to last me until my next pell check comes, which btw, it came last week all 1,083.50 of it, so what does that mean? It means that my fourth class, which comes up in 15 weeks, I have to pay for. That's a little over 2,000 dollars. I earn, on average, 128 dollars a week. Yeah, a week. I have no time, or means of getting a second job. So, if I put back every single check without spending a dime for the next 15 weeks that'd be 1920 dollars. Is that going to happen? Fuck no.

Why? Because I have two computer payments, I am in serious need of internet at home, I have someone I need to pay back, I have things that I need to save for and I have to start helping the family out at home. Which, I think it's awfully convenient that they ask for money right after my pell arrives.

I'm screwed.

Which, a hundred of my pell is already gone. Poof! Because there were some things that I needed to take care of. By Weds another 300 will be gone, and then a 175 of it because I'm getting internet at home. That takes us down to 508 dollars, give or take, in the bank. Now, when I get back from Marci's wedding I'll have a 200 dollar check waiting here for me at work. So, I'll be back up to 708, give or take. Hopefully, however with basketball season coming up I'll be getting a TON of hours here at work. That'd be pretty fucking sweet, and I wouldn't HAVE to worry half as much.

Then by the end of the month I have to shell out 126 dollars to get two of the kittens at home fixed. By December it'll be another 63 dollars, if she's not preggers, to get the momma cat fixed. Then that's not including their booster shots that are 22 bucks a pop for five kitties. Which that brings us up to 220 dollars, because they have to go back twice.

Then if we don't get rid of the six one month old kittens I'm screwed.

I shouldn't even have to pay for them. Only one of the cats is mine. He was the first one to get fixed and he is my responsibility. However, I know that if I don't step up no one else is going to because they don't care. I'm almost to the point of hauling them to the animal shelter except for my George. Yes, he was named after George Weasley.

So yes, that's what's been going on with me. I'm strapped for cash and I have no idea what I'm going to do. It's like this never ending vicious cycle. Seriously.


*hugs back* It's ok! I promise. I just needed to vent and try to stop crying over money issues. lol
~snuggles~ ugh!
*nuzzles into* Can we go hide under a blankie?
okay! Mark and I make blanket forts all the time and hide in them. We eat oreos with milk and read comics and tell each other stories and sex each other up! woot! You can come too!

Awesome! Ooooh, I love Oreos, but can I have coffee instead? Milk don't agree with mah tummy. Haha! Great, I get to have cookies, tell stories and get smexed up. Love it!
Hey, *hugs* what a pain. I suppose since they're family you can't explain that you need the money? That they might need to take care of their pets, or something. Just suggestions from a callous selfish child, pay me no heed.
I hope your schooling is going well.
Hey babe! *huggles back* I tried, and it ended up in a fight so it didn't work. No, trust me it's not fair what they do but I really have no choice since the pets didn't ask for this, ya know?

Oh, it's going loverly. Just started my second class and it's eating me already. lol
Hey, shame it ended in a fight. I tend to move a lot so I find it easier to leave than deal with people who complicate things. Also animals give me a mental headache, as you said they don't ask for it, but they aren't mine and I didn't ask for it either and it is the person who cares about it who gets hurt when anything happens to them. Tragically that appears to be you, otherwise I'd suggest leaving them till the others learnt that if they didn't care for their pet then the result would be their pet would be unhappy, making them unhappy and care for it. However I'm not sure if I've got the psychology right.
Eating you? This does not sound good, I'm not sure why ;). I hope I'm misreading this.
Anyhow it's 5am and I have get this essay written.
It happens. My family, all of them, are hot tempered sadle. If I had the funds I would totally move out, but right now I just don't gots it. Yes, I do care far too much for the little furballs. It's sad, I know, but I have such a tender heart when it comes to animals. I've always been this way.

No, it's not a good thing. lol. It'll be alright though, I've just got to read some articles, post up some replies to Discussion Questions and pray that I posted my bio in the right spot.

Ewww. Have fun dear, and good luck on your essay.