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Hurley - Dude...


Since I haven't RPed in like, a month, and it's really beginning to suck like whoa. If anyone would like to do a PSL through e-mail, just let me know. I'm pretty open to most things, run an idea by me and if I don't like it I'll tell you. I just want something to write, and I can't find any comms out there that just strike my fancy at the moment.

I'll do fandom RPing as well, fandoms include but are not limited to: Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, Naruto, Samurai Champloo, Boondock Saints, Hairspray, Blade Trinity, Harry Potter, and ETC. You all know my fandoms.

I just want something kinna low key without update requirments and without the drama that seems to seep into every RPG. I just want something fun.

I would prefer something original though. I'd kill to do a line with zombies, gods/goddesses, demons/angels, or vampires and werecreatures.

Just some ideas, if anyone would like to do something or perhaps knows of a comm that is lower key just let me know!


I love PSLs myself. Oooh, sure send me a link and I'll look over it. *nods* Yeah, I do have your new AIM. I'm just not online all that often anymore since my internet at home is really wonky.
Ooooh I'll have to go check that out then. *nods*

I just want something simple, ya know? Because like, I have such limited time but I'm dying to write. I really need to get back into writing original fics but writer's block has like totally plagued me for the last month I think. Which is sad.
I don't know what PSL is but I'd love to do something original
Private Storyline is what a PSL is. If you have any ideas, we can totally write something out. I'm dying for something original. *nods*
Oh dear, well that leave the field completely open, you didn't say if you anted fantasy, character or plot driven, or, well actually you didn't suggest any parameters lol. So here's an outline for you reject/accept as you will:
Five people, two who are extremely clever but one is lazy and the other lacks all forms of common sense. One who attracts trouble, members of the opposite sex and will do anything on a dare or because they feel like it, has street smarts. Another is clever in the cunning sense of the word and uses everything and everyone around them for their own benefit, is not very well off financially. The last member is a good-two-shoes in a very absentminded way as they spend most of their time reading/researching is interested in any/everything and a good listener. The plot follows their plan to rob a bank.
No, I'm always open to the most random things.

I really like that idea! Sounds like lots of fun, and one could really let their imgination run wild with that. We'll have to hash something out, who's going to play who or what have you and run with it. *nods*
Okay well who do you want then? And where are we to conduct this?
Re-reads right, through email, duh.
I'm too kinky for your PSLs, sweety. :D

Psh, you aren't too kinky for me. Well, most of the time. I do write kink ya know. *sticks out tongue*