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Dude, you know there are a ton of RPGs online. Not RPGs in the sense of the way most of the people on my flist do RPGS. But there's this one I just stumbled upon that looks neat.

Clicky Here If you wanna play sign up, and my Werewolfy will be your werewolf's sire...*nods*

Anyways, I'm off to bed. Getting sleepy...Love you all!


You bit me!!!

~smooches~ love you!
Hehe! I'm good like that *nods* Love you too! You're feeling betters right? *pokes and prods*
Werewolfys are cool! Got the 'puter back and running? *hugs*
They are! Yes, everything is in tip-top shape. The wireless is connecting and momma said something about having our land line cut back on when we get the taxes back! So yay!

How've you been babe? I've missed you! *huggles*
YAY for taxes!

I'm good...hope you are, sweetie!

Missing you long time, baby girl! :(