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Yuletide Recs

First off, Happy Holidays to you on my flist. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, just been busy reading all sorts of yummy Yuletide fics.

So, in light of that here are my first round of recs.

The Morning After the Night Before (Hana Kimi) - Cranky Umeda and Akiha just being...himself. This was actually my gift, and I love it and have seen it recc'd now a total of five times (probably more since last night). A little NWS, just FYI. Great job secret author!

The Bright Light of Shipwreck (Mythology - Greek and Roman) GUH, is all I have to say about this one. The tone of this whole piece is just beautiful. Femmeslash, but it's rated PG-13.

Afterwards (House of Wax - Carly/Nick) - Such a wonderful post-movie story. Complete with awesome twincest. NWS, just so you all know but worth a look.

Balance (300 - Leonidas/Captain/ and Leonidas/Gorgo) A beautifully written slash and het fic. The character dialogues are spot on, and the sex is hot. NWS.

Devotion (Boondock Saints - Connor/Murphy) - This piece is just, wow. It's written with a prayer/poem style and just...beautiful. NWS.

After the Storm (Boondock Saints - Connor/Murphy) - Short, sweet and so perfectly in character. Lovely, and a must read if you're a Connor/Murphy fan.

Futility of Time (Constantine - Gabriel) - A lovely insight on Gabriel's perspective post-movie and dealing with life as a human. Lovely story.

Babyboy (The Covenant - The Sons of Ipswich) - The boys when they were younger, and just coming into their powers. Tyler focused, and worth a read.

The Colour of Poison Berries (Fairy Tales) - A retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Wonderfully written and haunting.

The Man in the Mirror (Fairy Tales) - The 'happily ever after' Beauty and the Beast. Lovely, chilling and totally Grimm worthy.

Boom (Fight Club) - A Marla drabble. Wonderfully written, and the last line is brilliant.

An Empty House (Full House - Danny/Jesse) - A kinky, wonderful, sexy drabble. A must read for sure.

Gentleman (Hairspray - Corny/Maybelle) - A too cute drabble about Maybelle and Corny.

Big, Blonde and Beautiful (Hairspray - Corny/Maybelle) - Another Maybelle and Corny drabble. Short and sexy, and NWS.

Dentente (Hairspray - Penny centric) - A lovely Penny fic with Amber tossed in. It's really a cute story involving Penny hating Christmas, and being nice to Amber.

Christmas Fruitcakes (Psych) - A cute, spot on drabble involving a slap-fest and Shawn trying to impress Julia.

Plastic Heroes (Psych) - Shawn buys Lassiter a Christmas present, and it's just spot on. This really should've been in the Christmas episode.

Kiss the Girl (She’s the Man) - A nicely done Viola drabble. Femmeslash and masturbation implied.

Family Fun Day (Slither) - A wonderful piece from Kylie's POV.


so much to read!!! And I should be writing. lol!

Yes, and probably much more since I'll spend the day looking for more of them. And yes, I have to finish up my girl today for the RPG, so yes you need to get to writing babe. *pokes and smirks*

Love you babe! *nuzzles into*
Would you be interested in stealing the Sam for me and bringing her to Animazement? I would be willing to make costumes for people with my new sewing machine...